Friday, December 10, 2010

God Answers Prayer

When Ethan and I joined the GIAL campus last July we quickly began using the services of The Boutique and of The Warehouse. These facilities act like thrift stores, except that they are free for members of our community. One of the first things we acquired was an old, dilapidated two-seater stroller which we grew to love. Last week I rolled over a bump and the front wheel snapped off. The ancient pram is now in a landfill somewhere and I've been letting Dorie trot along behind me everywhere I go, while I push James in our umbrella stroller.
This morning the children and I went for a walk and I found myself heading toward The Warehouse. I told Dorie she should pray for a new stroller but I seriously doubted that we would find anything. I'd recently looked and, besides, there are a lot of young families here--surely anything nice would quickly be snatched up! Look at the new arrival that I saw when I walked through the door! Dorie's prayer was answered and my faith was strengthened as well. Seeing his faithfulness in small areas makes me feel secure about larger ones. Finding a place to serve, tuition money, computer problems--God is our provider, and I don't need to worry.

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