Saturday, December 18, 2010

Children make Christmas so much fun! -Q

Our friends Claude and Lotus Nelson came over for supper with their two children. What fun, and our living room exploded
Dorie and James have a special talent. They can turn a tidy living room into a tornado disaster area in about five minutes. They also can turn the holiday into an opportunity for their parents to revisit their childhood. I like to make a mess too sometimes, and I was ready for a session with glue, scissors, construction paper and pipe cleaners. Besides, our tree was in sore need of some tacky homemade ornaments! Here is what we made together:

Here's the inspiration for our creation--I found a camel to make out of cardboard tubes and tissue paper from a library book.
Ethan has spent long hours these past two months analyzing Arabic. He seemed ready to figure out how to make little paper boxes for our camel to carry.

Here is the end product! Do you think the camel will last until next Christmas?

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  1. Not gonna lie- seeing Ethan cutting out those tiny little boxes brought back some nightmare-ish memories from our attempts at craft time in Gambia. :) Glad to see yours turned out better than those dear hoodlums did! :)