Friday, November 30, 2012

Durian -- E.


There's so much to say about this tropical fruit.  I feel guilty, however, going on and on about a treat that many of you who read this may never get to taste this side of heaven.

So I won't.

Read what Wikipedia has to say about it instead.

Oh man, they're in season right now and I am happy.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

House Tour: Before and After -- E.

There was a little bit of suspense when we moved into this house back in July: would it ever feel like home?  I find it gratifying to look back at how the house looked four months ago and see how it has changed.  Don't get your hopes too high -- this is no Extreme Makeover Home Edition -- but let me show you some of the changes we've made around here.

Then.  Not so bad out here really, but the grass needed some taming.
Now.  Pay special attention to our potted plant.  I love it.

Then.  The living room already had a little furniture in it, which was nice.
Now.  Real live people do even more for a place than the furniture, don't they?

The kitchen then.
The kitchen now.  (The big gray cupboard got moved to a different room.)

Wet kitchen then.  I don't know if the sheets of metal had been put up for
privacy or to keep out the rain, but Queena and I didn't care for them.
Wet kitchen now.  So now people can see us cook (and a little
rain does get in here at times), but we enjoy the light.

Then.  I did not think that most of that grunge was going to come off.

Now.  Not all the grunge came off, but most of it did.  I now find it
easier to believe that I'm getting clean in this shower.

Hey, by the way, it has been wonderful having some of Queena's family visiting us for the last couple of weeks.  Many readers of this blog have already found more details and pictures on PollythePatchworker's excellent blog -- if you don't follow Polly's xanga weblog, may I suggest that you begin today.