Monday, April 16, 2012

Occupy my Calendar -- QM

Occupy our Calendars
Our times are in your hands:
But we count our times for us;
we count our days and fill them with us;
we count our weeks and fill them with our busyness;
we count our years and we fill them with our fears.
And then caught up short with your claim,
Our times are in your hands!
Take our times, times of love and times of weariness,
Take them all, bless them, break them,
give them to us again,
slow paced and eager,
fixed in our readiness for neighbor.
Occupy our calendars,
Flood us with itsy-bitsy, daily kairoi,
In the name of your fleshed kairos. Amen.
Walter Bruggemann
From his book  Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth

Last week we decided to write our to-do list on post-it notes and put them on our wall. We pull them off as they get done...and our children needed to get in on the action!
I feel the need to be both productive and restful during this busy last month before we move to Malaysia, and to model for my children Walter Bruggemann's prayer and the word kairoi--allowing my time to be the place and space where God can act.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Fair City -- E.

Malaysian Borneo, state of Sarawak, city of Kuching.  This is where our family will be flying in, oh, seven weeks or so.

It's a good-sized city, with a population close to that of Boston.  I don't know if that bit of information helps you -- for me it's limited, because I've never been to Boston.

Kuching also gets about four times as much rain as Boston.  Less snow, though.