Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life is just more fun with Omi and Opi around!

(Left to Right: Opi (Dean), James, Ethan, Omi (Esther), Dorie, Phoebe, Rhoda, Keziah, Sam)

Ethan's parents and his four youngest siblings are making our lives very rich right now. Dorie just thinks she is one of the big kids! She always has someone who has the time to read to her, draw with her, or play outside with her. Today we all went to the Children's Aquarium, even Ethan, who has been incredibly busy with his Field Methods class. We had such a good time petting stingrays and touring a nearby garden. It feels like I'm on vacation!

Opi and James during lunch at the Dallas Zoo

Uncle Sam and Dorie chilling at Fair Park

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wonderful Weeks

My mom has been here for almost two weeks. We have had so much fun together! Here are a few pictures to highlight our good times.

We went to the zoo at Fort Worth--the reptile house was splendid!

Dorie and her Grandma had a "Grandma Day." Mom took her to McDonalds for breakfast and then to Walmart's toy department. They found all kinds of fun things but when the shopping cart went by the Crayola section Dorie asked Grandma to put everything else back! I had just done an art project with her and she fell in love with cutting and pasting paper. Dorie chose some red safety scissors, some construction paper, and a pack of crayons. Happy creating daughter!

Mom found this toy guitar for James at Texas Thrift. James had already discovered a love for his daddy's guitar; now
he has one of his very own. :)

Dorie loves to sing, and the first song Dorie learned was "Who made the pretty lilies." Her grandma taught it to her while swinging on her front porch. Here is my mom revisiting those days.
We have had such a wonderful time!
( blog is www.xanga.com/pollythepatchworker and she has even more pictures than me about her week!)