Sunday, December 26, 2010

Celebrate! A wonderful year has passed, an exciting year is ahead. --Q

Last week I worked at the Country Rest Home for a few hours because of the snowstorm. Its been a while since I've been at the nursing home and there were quite a few new faces, including one of the nurses. Suddenly this nurse asked me if I had just had a baby. I said, yes, eleven months ago. She was a student nurse at that time and she was at the hospital around the time that James began having seizures. She even wrote her clinical paper on his case. "How is he?" she asked. I felt a surge of gratitude to God as I told her that James was doing extremely well and had no developmental issues. I don't often think about the trouble that has come my way but last New Years was a difficult time. Thank you Lord for bringing so many good things into our lives this year; we commit the coming year to you.
A few pictures of our Holiday:
My cousin Adam and his girlfriend Megan came for our Christmas celebration. We had our Christmas the day before because our flight was on the 25th. Buttery Cajun Shrimp might be a new tradition! Wow, it was tasty! Adam and Megan live less than two hours away from Dallas--we look forward to more good times with them.We got to the airport about two hours early and ate a wonderful lunch of sushi, shrimp gumbo, and corn-dogs. Does anyone have a great caption for James' expression?
For breakfast on Christmas Eve day Ethan decided to make Nuns Puffs. Dorie wanted to help, and while her daddy left the room for a minute she "liberally greased" the pan. I don't think this was quite what Betty Crocker had in mind!

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