Friday, October 28, 2011

Florida Vacation!

We had a wonderfully relaxing (and warm) week in Florida with Grandpa and Grandma Mast, Ethan's parents, Ethan's four youngest siblings -- Rhoda, Phoebe, Sam, and Keziah -- and Zach and Sarah.

We stopped by to meet some friends, Brian and Tabita and their two children. This video shows the new friendship with their son BoBo and Dorie.

Dorie and her GGma (great-grandmother) had a tea party one morning. When GGma Ellie was Dorie's age she lived in China. I heard her telling Dorie some stories of her childhood in China, but when I left the table for a minute, I missed this conversation, so GGma wrote it down for me:

GGMa: Dearest Ms Dorie, I am so very happy that we could have a tea party together. Thank you for inviting me.
Dorie: Well, I am not really happy.
GGMa: And why are you not happy, Dorrie?
Dorie: I don’t have Jesus in my heart.
GGMa: Dear Dorie, you know that Jesus loves you very much, and He hears you when you talk to Him.
Dorie: He is way up in heaven. How can He hear me talk to Him?
GGMa: Jesus always hears you, and He is with us because His spirit is with us. And He will help us, and be with us all the time.

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