Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mosaic in Greenwood -- E.

Do you know about Mosaic yet? Queena and I talk about this group a lot, so I'm surprised if this is all news to you. We met this band in Dallas a year ago . . . and Queena booked them to come sing in Greenwood!

I cannot speak too highly of what God is doing through these people's music. Check them out on their website: Their mission is to teach God's Word through music -- and they are doing just that. So good!

Mosaic's five members are staying at Queena's parents' place over the weekend. We've been blessed to hang out with them a bit -- and glory be, they are Euro game people! Nobody knows how excited I was to learn that.

Jonathan and Patrick, at left, wanted to learn how to play Smallworld. I think they may have like it. They spent most of the game standing up . . .

. . . while Queena and Holly joined Emily and Devon for some Dominion.

Enough with the games, eh? Nobody cares that much. Here's what matters:
  • Greenwood Mennonite Church
  • Sunday, November 6
  • 6:30 pm
  • Free Mosaic Concert
  • (Be there!)

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