Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What happened to the nice sunny weekend? --E.

I hope everybody out there is staying warm. We certainly were a few days ago -- even pulled out the kiddie pool -- but the January summer is over.

(We didn't actually fill the pool ourselves -- that's frozen rainwater.)

So what do we do when the roads are frozen over and GIAL is closed for three days? Queena stays home and writes a huge sociolinguistics paper. I stay home and take black-and-white pictures of the kids. Dorie stays home and wears a scarf and carries her teddy bear around and licks whipped cream off the beater.

James stays home and practices his spoon skills.

[Friday morning P.S. -- It snowed even more! I think I love winter in Dallas.]


  1. Great to see the pictures of Dorie and James. Looks like Dorie has lost her job of feeding James. We love and miss you all.

  2. Holy buckets, your kids are so cute! That pic of James looks like an ad for Graco :)

  3. I love the pool progression! Genius!

  4. I could just squeeze their little cheeks and give them a hug. They are growing up so fast. A. Barbara