Friday, February 18, 2011

This One's All About Dorie -- E.

Just because she's so smart and her father is proud to death of her. Yesterday she drew her first smiley face. I honestly didn't think she could do it, but here's what she pulled off:
The one on the left is mine (not too shabby either, to tell you the truth). Dorie drew the guy on the right with only mine as a model, plus verbal instructions. I only got the idea to show her a smiley face after she drew the stuff that's up past the faces and called it said she was drawing hair.
While we're on the topic of how precocious my daughter is, I might mention here that she recognizes and names letters of the alphabet. Here's the video to prove it:

She's got time to improve on that one, I figure -- but she really does get a kick out of the alphabet lately.
Dorie ALSO played her first board game today. That had everything to do with me, and I'm not sure how much Dorie got out of it, but she's a gamer now.

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  1. Hi Ethan and Queena,

    Ethan I enjoyed conversing with you at FBC Men's Bible study (at Dick's Cafe) earlier this month. About 35 years ago my wife, Donna, and I served the SIL construction/nursing needs in the Philippines and Papua, Indonesia. I'd like to follow your activities as you head out for somewhere in Asia. May God bless your family as you trust in him. IrPAT