Thursday, February 10, 2011

How did the shrimp swim to the top of the mountain? --E.

I left Queena and the kids last weekend to go camping with five other GIAL students. Enchanted Rock! Here's what we did:

After choosing a campsite at point A , we hiked around the south side of the rock (the far side in the photo) before climbing to the summit, marked by point B.
Having thoroughly photographed ourselves, we set off to find Enchanted Cave, unwisely descending at steep region C.
After much exploration at the northern base of the rock we climbed again to point D, where we crawled around a marvelous cave, which was probably not the real Enchanted Cave. Maybe next time we'll find the right one.

Among the many wonders of Enchanted Rock are the vernal pools. Filled with water mainly in the springtime (hence vernal), many of these pools support plant and animal life. Though I didn't see any myself, these pools allegedly contain fairy shrimp.

I could tell you a lot more about the geological and ecological significance of Enchanted Rock, but I won't bother you, because you can go right to the source itself. Instead, here is a picture of the hiking crew on our way up the mountain.

And on top!

(Thanks for the photos, Katie!)

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