Monday, September 30, 2013

Dinosaurs and Dictionaries, Waterfalls, Weddings and Wild Rides --QM

We have entered what feels like a new stage of life, a full and lovely stage of life. We are no longer full-time language learners, and Ethan has now started assisting with a dictionary project. He's at the office every day, and I'm at home more, without the car. I actually think the lack of wheels is good for me! I'm on a mission to organize my house and teach Dorie to 'love to learn' before she (and James) go to school in January. I'm also finding time to go on spontaneous bus rides, to have a weekly morning for painting, and to enjoy the local Dinosaur Exhibition! Life is good.
Oh yeah, its a little scary in that museum...

Ethan was able to join a Word Collection workshop this month to learn some 'tricks of the trade.' These men are collecting words for their dictionary.

I love seeing my little girl draw--both kids will focus a half hour or more on creating their pictures. These days I'm starting to really get into it too--I never expected how fun it would be to draw with my kids.
The children will be attending Chinese classes at their Tadika next year and Dorie was asking me to teach her how to write some characters. I think I taught her "very hot." I'm not the most qualified Chinese teacher!

James and Dorie wowed us with their stamina on a long hike to a waterfall on Mount Santubong. Great day.

Ethan and I stayed at this home for four days for some intensive language learning, and now my friend Nisa is getting married! We arrived too late to see her engagement ceremony-but not too late for pictures!
My friend Morina, Dorie and I went on a quintessential bus adventure. We started the day without a clue of where we would end up, found a great swimming hole, and said hi to some puppies on the way home.
Parting Shot: The Swimming Hole

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  1. What a special update, Queena! So great to get a window into your lives and the kids.