Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The America Trip In Eleven Pictures

I just love modern communications technology.  Thanks to the lightning speed of the internet, I can share memories and publish them worldwide instantly . . . a month after the fact.

Yes, Dorie and I spent two of July's weeks in the United States.  There are many things we did that I forgot to take pictures of, especially during the week in Delaware.  (My mother-in-law's blog covers that week pretty nicely, however.)  Here's a bit of a pictorial run-through of our adventure in the U.S., with minimal commentary.

We went to my sister's house first.

Dorie played with her cousin Lina.

I went fishing and caught me a trophy.

My heart sang when I saw the old, familiar view from the hill behind Mom and Dad's house.

Very important: we had pizza and wings.  This is my family here, at least more than half of them.

I also made Sarawak Laksa for my family.  It turned out not-quite-authentic but still pretty good.

My brother's Micah's wedding with Esther was the real reason we came to the U.S. in the first place.  I promise this is the best picture I have of them (which is my fault, not theirs).

My brother Jesse played on a playground with Dorie.  Spot her if you can.

I found the pictures on this bar's windows funny.  The billiards guy is about to do some damage to the football player, while the baseball batter may or may not end up clubbing the basketball star.  Is this intentional?

On the way back to the airport in New York, we stopped at the World Trade Center.

Upon arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Dorie ordered a tall Milo Ice.  As you can see, she was a little tired after more than 30 hours of traveling.

That's it!  America and back again.

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