Monday, February 25, 2013

Visit to Indonesia - E.

Our camera was out of commission for several weeks, but it returned from the service center just in time for a little bit of travelling last week.  A friend of ours was making a visit to the Indonesian town of Entikong, about two hours' drive from here, and invited us to go along.

I need to get back into the habit of bringing our camera places -- and actually taking pictures!  I admit I've been out of practice with the camera gone.  Once we got home I found myself a little disappointed with the small number of pictures we had taken, because it was such a unique and memorable experience.

Well, here are a few shots that we did get of our trip:

This is the inside of a church.  We actually stayed overnight here.
All four of us slept under this mosquito net, making for quite the cozy night.

From the back door.  I believe that's a fish pond down there.

Taking a picture of our friend taking a picutre of a gorgous mountain.

Things of interest which you do not get to see, because I didn't take pictures, are the roads, the shops, the excellent food, and some bird's nest flavored beverage in a can.  Too bad!  Maybe next time.


  1. I always love seeing pictures of your beautiful area of the world, but I don't envy the heat and needed mosquito nets. :) I love seeing you all enjoy the culture.

  2. How was the bird's nest flavor? Sounds like an interesting trip!