Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kuching Food Festival -- E and Q

They say Malaysians are obsessed with food.  A blunt stereotype, perhaps, but it's an easy one to believe when you're at the annual Kuching Food Festival.  It ran for about a month this summer and just recently ended -- our family went for the final evening.

Queena said it reminded her of southern Delaware's Apple Scrapple Festival (I wouldn't know, because sadly I haven't been).  Only the culinary categories are more broad here in Kuching.  If it's food, it's welcome here.  Even if it's deep fried burgers, which may not really be a food, it's welcome here.

(We met some colleagues of ours and their two children.  I just want it clear to everybody that the boy next to Dorie in all these pictures is not a random stranger.)

It's the place to be.
Ribena syrup + Sprite = sweeter than regular soda
If you get lost, just follow the signs.

I think this is Dorie's first cotton candy ever.

And there were carnival rides!

Dorie flies around the world.


  1. I was wondering about that little boy in every scene with Dorie!!!
    Love the way we can keep up with each other from all the way around the world.
    Misty left last evening and now the house is creaking with only two old people in it! I sure do miss my grands running around. You all have a great week and know Grandma Polly checks in on you all every day and prays for you each and every day.

  2. Love the post and pictures. I have been praying for you all to make good friendships. I have enjoyed starting to know the lovely people here in Greenwood. We even had a few people over for games yesterday afternoon. Wish you could have been there. :)