Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feeding James -- E.

Something I like to do for fun is to see what new kinds of food my young children will eat.  There are many new foods to try in Kuching, so we'll probably be playing this game for a while.

James is more of an adventurous eater than his sister, it turns out.  He especially likes fish and seafood.  Here's what James has been putting away lately:

  • Sardines in Tomato SauceNot a local specialty, I know.  But the stove wasn't hooked up and it was just James and me at home.  So we had a low-tech man meal together.

  • CrackersI bought these on Saturday because the kids and I had just been reading about a beach in Thailand where you eat fresh barbecued squid with chili sauce.  Dorie, to her credit, tried a bite.  James had most of a cracker before deciding he didn't care for the squid bits all that much.

  • Baby OctopusThese guys were delicious!  James thought so too.  He just had to work a little to bite off a chunk.

    Dorie did not care to try this one.



  1. Oh my, I do wonder how you are going to feed Grandma when she comes. Rice sounds good.

  2. aw I miss those sweet little faces!! I had a dream last night about Dorie and James and how they came home for a visit and had grown so big. :]
    Give them a hug from us! Love you all!

  3. Thanks for sharing your fun with us. Love it! -Katie

  4. Ha! We tried the baby octopus in Italy and were not fans!! The texture is all wrong. I fully believe it when you say it was hard to get off a small chunk. Chewy/rubber-like? Yes. No thanks!

  5. Your kids rock (and so do you)! Reading your blogs never ceases to make me laugh (and to wish I had some kids of my own ;) ). Goodness. I need to read this more often.