Thursday, March 15, 2012

Through the eyes of a child...

For Dorie's third birthday her Grandma Polly gave her a kid's camera, and I finally emptied the pictures onto our computer! I want to give you a few glimpses of life through her eyes and mine:
Here's Ethan and James playing a game on the camera after a picnic supper.
Trampoline Series #1

Trampoline Series #2

Trampoline Series #3

Trampoline Series #4

Mom with the Camera

Dorie with the Camera

Mom's point of view

Dorie's point of view

Dorie's dad's point of view
 (For our regular readers who might be curious about how the haircut looks)
(Ethan gave me those freshwater pearls for my birthday!)


  1. Love it! Keep encouraging that kidly perspective. :) James is getting big -- miss seeing y'all. Nice haircut, btw!

  2. Queena - Your hair looks great! And if Ethan needs more hair for the compost pile, he can come cut mine :) Michelle C