Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Downsizing For The Big Trip -- E.

God willing, we leave for Malaysia in a matter of months.  The reality is starting to sink in, and we're starting to prepare for moving stuff overseas.
Project number one is our game collection.  Board games are our hobby, you know, and we own a few.  They rank very high on our list of Items That Will Come With Us, just a few places behind our children.
Thing is, they can take up a lot of space.  Here are some of them, for example:

That's almost enough to fill a suitcase right there.  But inside those boxes is mostly air.  The original game storage designs are pretty but wasteful of space.
Our solution?  Baseball card boxes.  Here are the same twenty-two games packed into twelve small boxes:

We like it a lot!  Congratulations are welcome.

In other news, you may remember Queena writing a post about a paper camel that we made last year about this time.

Now it's my turn to say a few words.  The animal was a pain to make and I think it's ugly.  As we unpacked our Christmas decorations earlier this month, I was dismayed to find that we had brought it home from Dallas instead of throwing it away . . . and now it is hanging up in our living room.  If this makes it to Malaysia with us, it won't be because I asked it to.


  1. Wow, Queena, I am impressed with what you did with that game collection. I am expecting I will have to do the same someday soon. You've given me hope that many of my games will be able to come with me : ) By the way, Alicia bought me Small World Underground for Christmas, and my Steier parents bought me Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries (since my mother-in-law's family is from Sweden : ) Can't wait to see you guys in Delaware

  2. Awww! Keep the little camel and take him with you. He's so cute! Love what you did with the games.
    -A. Coleen

  3. nice idea with the games! we are now hooked on dominion and have the first game, i can see some of the others making there way into the house down the road. Thank you!!! josh & jillian