Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life is just more fun with Omi and Opi around!

(Left to Right: Opi (Dean), James, Ethan, Omi (Esther), Dorie, Phoebe, Rhoda, Keziah, Sam)

Ethan's parents and his four youngest siblings are making our lives very rich right now. Dorie just thinks she is one of the big kids! She always has someone who has the time to read to her, draw with her, or play outside with her. Today we all went to the Children's Aquarium, even Ethan, who has been incredibly busy with his Field Methods class. We had such a good time petting stingrays and touring a nearby garden. It feels like I'm on vacation!

Opi and James during lunch at the Dallas Zoo

Uncle Sam and Dorie chilling at Fair Park

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