Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas in the Kampung --QM

We use this blue mat a lot here! A friend gave the children a rock painting kit for Christmas, and I'm reading a letter from Grandma Schults, a friend from the States. Two wonderful gifts!

Less than a week ago we moved to a village, Kampung Jangkar, for the month of December. We have little internet, little phone service, and no fridge or washing machine--but we are enjoying the many stars in the sky, the nearby stream and jungle, and the new friends that stop by with Durian and Rambutan and sit and chat. And its actually quite empowering to realize what we can do without, to learn how to wash by hand, and keep an icebox. Blessings in disguise...
We are renting this house for just 3 weeks, and love having a quilt from my Mom to make it feel like home.

Our  Christmas tree is hiding nest to the fan. We brought plenty of Christmas touches, including a New Christmas Tree wall-hanging my Mom posted to us! Also hiding from view, sorry...

The outside of our house, and Dorie's friend (Kakak, older sister) Grace. They spend so much time together, and Grace's parents have really shown us hospitality.
We are grateful for this time! James and Dorie enjoy playing with the other children, they are learning a lot of language during this time (a mix of Bahasa Salako and Bahasa Malayu!), and Ethan and I are also growing in our language skills. This is a far cry from Christmas in the States, or even Christmas in Kuching, but we are loving it :)!


  1. May the Lord continue to bless and direct your lives.

  2. So great to see pictures and hear about this new adventure. Praying for you and wish you could teleport here and be with us for Christmas. Love you.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your abode for this time of year. And I love your attitude about not being home and wrapped up in the Christmas hullabaloo! You have truly made Jesus the reason for the Season!