Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Year -- E.

It was a year ago Saturday that we first arrived in Malaysia.  A year ago this week we dragged our jet-lagged selves up to a Bidayuh village for Gawai, a local harvest festival tradition.

Somehow Bidayuh people can wear this kind of stuff without looking silly.
I wasn't pulling it off so well.
Now that we're back in Gawai season again (leaving tomorrow for several days out with our Iban friends this time!), it seems we have officially run the full circle of annual celebrations.  After Gawai, it was Ramadan and the subsequent Aidilfitri feasts; Christmas season didn't seem so far after that; then came Chinese New Year; and back to Gawai.  With countless minor holidays in between, of course.

This next year I want to try to keep track of time with seasonal fruits.  Some fruits are strictly seasonal, while others just seem to be extra-abundant at certain times.  Maybe it changes from year to year, but based on the past year I expect to see a progression something like this:







We're deep in watermelons right now, in fact.  Can't complain.

This was originally going to be a reflective post in which I summarized my family's experiences over the last year, and expressed how grateful I am to be living in Malaysia.  Instead, as usual, I ended up talking about food instead.  Maybe next time we'll get it.  Stay tuned.

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