Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nicholoustach...or, as Ethan spells it, Nikolaustag -QM

This is our third year celebrating the night when children (or at least German children) set their shoes out so that St. Nicholous can fill them when he passes by, and I still need the help of Ethan AND google to spell the holiday correctly.
In past years we had nice, closed-toe church shoes with room for the candy, but these days our children prefer sandals and Sponge Bob flip-flops. Its hot here. The pile of shoes on the left are there for a reason. When Dorie heard that St. Nicholous fills shoes, she wanted to maximize this opportunity so she neatly lined up all of her shoes AND James'. She shoved them aside when Ethan told her only one pair gets filled.
After Ethan took this picture he said, "Queena, you know who you remind me of sometimes? Your Mother.


  1. Love the post! And super excited about Dawn coming.

  2. :) Cute! Your kids are getting so big!

  3. When I was skyping Autumn I saw some shoes behind her and I asked her what they were doing there. She told me how it is a German tradition and what it is all about. Now I see you do it. I like the idea of the closed shoe, maybe a boot?

    1. Boots definitely hold more!
      The idea is to put out your very best shoes (we wouldn't want to insult St. Nicholas, of course). James probably thought his Spongebob flip-flops were his best shoes because they happen to be the newest and therefore cleanest...