Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Falling Leaves, Throwing Stones --QM

The formerly dry woods in the backyard

Irene left a pile of leaves around the house and in the pool. Somehow the coming of this storm seems to be the end of summer--emotionally, if not in fact. We swam in Jay and Betty's pool for the last time today, and I thought of the leaves that had been recently vacuumed out. They reminded me of the words of a man from Malaysia. He said:

"When a leaf from a tree by the river drops on the water, it takes a long time for the leaf to sink to the bottom of the river. But when you drop a stone, it goes straight to the bottom. That is how I feel about the Word of God in my own language. When I read it in the national language, though I was educated in that language, it takes a long time before the meaning sinks in. But when I read God's Word in my own language, I feel like a stone dropping to the bottom of the riverbed. It goes right in to touch my soul"

We will be traveling to Ethan's parents' home in western New York from the 1st to the 7th and would appreciate your prayers for good meetings, fun times, and safe travels!

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