Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moving on -- E.

Well, we knew it would be tough packing everything up for the move back to Delaware, because everything had to fit somewhere in this picture:

We had used different vehicles and had more cargo space on the way in to Texas. In order to gauge space available on our U-Haul trailer, I marked off a 4-foot by 8-foot space in a corner of our house with two desks. This made it a little easier to decide how much stuff to keep and what to leave behind.

We moved out on Tuesday, April 19. Here's our route. We stopped overnight at Aunt Julia and Uncle Paul's place in Mississippi, then spent several days in Columbia with Chris and Alicia. Saturday we took the last leg up to Delaware.

(Thanks for the map, Google!)

Now, after a two-week stay in New York State (another story for another time), we are movin' in at the new place. Today we unpacked these boxes you see here.
I would be okay if we had no more major moves for a while. But this next year will probably see us moving around quite a lot! It's all good.

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