Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Grandparents! -- E.

Did we promise a long time ago to put up pictures of Dorie and James with their G-Gma and G-Gpa? Back in March, my grandparents (and Pepsi the poodle!) stopped in overnight.
It was such an unexpected treat to learn they were driving through Texas and would be going by Dallas. Dorie and James were thrilled! There's Dorie and James with Grandma and the building blocks up there. And down here, we've got Grandpa reading Harold and the Purple Crayon. Nobody can tell or read a story like Grandpa can. I probably enjoyed the reading even more than Dorie did.

In more recent developments, we are moving in five days. Queena and I would like somebody to tell our children to get over their colds, so that they can feel better, so that they can be happy, so that they can play by themselves a little bit more, so that we can pack. Packing really needs to happen.

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