Monday, March 21, 2011

Learning Thai -- E.

Queena is on the home stretch of Second Language And Culture Acquisition class. Her practicum language, Thai, might end up being a language that our entire family will learn (if we move to Thailand, for example!).
Queena has learned to use a computer program, Vocabulary Manager, which does exactly what you think it does. Starting from scratch, Queena has made recordings of Thai words and matched them up with pictures. Now she can use Vocab Manager to practice her Thai anytime.
And Dorie likes to join in! She's learned a handful of Thai numbers and animal names; here she is practicing a greeting with the wai gesture:


  1. That's really great, E&Q. Rachel taught Charis a song before she left and it has to do with ear, nose and mouth, and Beebs will ask her, "Where's your 'Dah'?" and she reaches right for it. When they are so young, it is a whole lot easier.

    By the way. When will we see you all? Isn't the time getting close?

  2. Aunt Mary -- We plan to be in DE Easter weekend, then turn right around and head up to my old place in NY state for a few weeks. After that it ought to be home sweet home . . . for a couple months at least.

  3. Just think how fast Dorie and James will pick up another language. Wonder how long it would take this ole Granny to learn?