Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Question of Where -- E and Q

This just in: the Mast family will not be going to Nepal. The issue keeping us from this country is Queena's bipolar disorder: we're told that life is rough out there, and that medical resources are slim, so a move there would be unwise for us. That's sad to hear, and a little surprising too, because normally our daily life is so free and unhindered by bipolar that it's easy to forget how bad it can get. (That in itself says much about God's grace to us.)

Well, the nice thing about closed doors is that they simplify decisions. We're now left with two countries we will probably decide between, Thailand and Malaysia, although we're learning not to be too certain of anything.

Would you pray with us, please? We think we're headed somewhere visible on this map here, but we're not sure where specifically. May God direct us.

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

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  1. Oh my that seams so far away! Know we are praying that God will show you right where he wants you! That is the best place to be.